An Early Age I Was Exposed At The Healthcare Field

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At an early age I was exposed to the healthcare field. My young brother was diagnosed with Autism, Psychosis, and Asperger. My mother was diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder, diabetes and hyper blood tension. Due to my mom not being educated she cannot read or right in Spanish or English. I was forced to learn everything in the healthcare field. I quickly became intrigued of each specialized field when took I my family to their doctors appointments. A few qualities I looked for when searching for new physician was affordability, patient satisfaction, and a well-organized practice. Not everyone has affordable insurance, or receives the best quality in care due to poor organized facilities. My true passion towards the healthcare…show more content…
Patients walk into our office afraid to speak to a financial counselor because of one main concern, “How will I afford this?” Thankfully, with much training and support at Shady Grove I have learned how to communicate to patients. I’ve learned that they just want someone to listen to them and find an optimal solution to meet their needs. While managing a total of 315 accounts and being audited every month it has motivated me more to compete against others. I like to keep my cryopreservation scores above 99%. I also like to keep my collection rate above 98% and patient satisfaction above 100%. I personally met with all my patients to make sure that al their needs are meet and that they leave understanding what their financial journey will look like. My career goal is to improve management of employees, and provide affordable care while maintain a high patient satisfaction. I want to be able to bring a excellent team to the table that is not only bringing in profit but also providing the best patient satisfaction. In todays society everything is based on reviews. A company can be taken down quickly if they have a poor satisfaction rating. By continuing to provide and research the best possible training, conducting monthly audits, and approaching employees with good deeds, the company can continue to have outstanding employees. Having a supportive team will not only help
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