An Early Childhood Education Professional

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Autobiography On November 1st, 1995, the Palm Beach Post published a front page story about Bill Clinton’s latest remarks in a Whitehouse press conference. However, what the Palm Beach Post didn’t publish, and consequently what most of the county didn’t see that morning, was the fact that I was born.

As an individual and an educator, in the next five years, I aspire to have been at my school and in my long term classroom for at least 3 years, have a developed and well practice filing system of observations and assessment records, a fool proof method for grading, a knack for detailed and daily lesson planning, as well as having an established parent conferencing style.

Competency Goal #1 On my personal path to becoming an Early
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Likewise, it is self-evident that we desperately need the research of those who are advancing this field of knowledge. After all, educators who are well informed are well prepared to do the task of teaching.

Competency Goal #2 In the course of establishing a developmentally appropriate classroom for learning with healthy and respected students, there are several things I will and must do. In chief, there will be two things that I will have the utmost concern for in my future classroom: child safety and respectful behavior. Within the pursuit of a healthy environment, it is clear that the well-being of students comes as a tangent to having their attention for learning. On this token, establishing a healthy classroom must be systemically established by systematic rules. For example, it will be an immediate priority to search for, remove, and replace when possible materials in my classroom that are sharp, easily swallowable, too heavy, too disruptive, and/or too toxic for children to exercise necessary caution around. Similarly, maintaining classroom cleanliness is another key goal. As for the risks, children that are in messy classrooms risk slips and falls around untidied, areas as well as unnecessary exposure to germs. To avoid this, I will be sure to inspect the classroom at the beginning and end of the day for tidiness, while also having a liberal supply of soap and water. For the purpose of establishing
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