An Early Childhood Educator : Understanding The Physical, Social, Emotional, And Cognitive Development Of Each Child

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Every child is unique in there own way and grow at their own developmental level. All children also come from diverse back rounds with different beliefs and values. As an early childhood educator, I believe it is our responsibility to understand children as a whole and base our curriculum according to their needs. As educators we should set up a high quality classroom environment where the child can grow, learn and explore at his or her own developmental level. I believe that as an early childhood educator my goal is to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. Also educators must find a good balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.

Many influential early childhood educators have given me a wonderful perspective on how I would like to teach and what I would like to incorporate in my curriculum. Locke emphasized the importance of education and proposed that children were like blank pages and should be molded and shaped by experience. I found his thinking very interesting and in my opinion, to be valid. Children primarily look to their parents as guides so it is important to help them flourish through varied learning experiences. Maria Montessori also had a great teaching style which based her teaching method on systematic observations of children’s spontaneous activities. She then designed her teaching method through experimentation and reflection. I like that she focused her teachings on the students needs. She…
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