An Earthquake Of The Francisco Earthquake

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Giovanni Lozano Professor Tod Benedict GLY 1000 21 October 2015 1906 San Francisco Earthquake An earthquake is the vibration of the Earth produced by the rapid release of energy. Most earthquakes occur at a plate boundary, usually along the Circum-Pacific belt. They tend to be caused by the slippage along large fracture in the Earth’s crust, such as a fault for example. However, they can also occur from a volcanic eruption, or an atomic explosion. There are two different types of shocks to a major earthquake; there is a foreshock and an aftershock. The foreshock concedes of smaller earthquakes that precede a major one by some time period, and an aftershock that concedes of small earthquakes due to the adjustment of the crust after the major earthquake. Earthquakes affect numerous things, from soil liquefaction to construction, and the rupture of power, gas, and water lines. There are two ways to measuring the size of an earthquake, those are intensity and magnitude. The intensity is a measure of the degree of an earthquake shaking at a given locale based on the amount of damage, measured through the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale which bases of the surveys of those whom were affected, and ranges from 1 to a 12. The magnitude is the total amount of energy released at the source of an earthquake, which tends to be measured on the Richter magnitude scale. This method is based on the amplitude of the largest seismic wave, and ranges from a -2 to infinity. Unfortunately there
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