An Ecological Translation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest Essay

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The Tempest places forward the rhythms of the dynamic Nature in the context of ever changing society and the inconsistent human mind, but also how they reflect both elevated and distorted symbolic association of humans and Nature: allusions to “pinch-spotted…. Than pard or cat o’ mountain”, “welkin’s cheek”, “rotten carcass of a butt”, “Jove’s lightnings”, “King’s son, Ferdinand/ With hair up-staring then like reeds, not hair, -”, “veins o’th’earth” and “bak’d with frost”. Caliban’s lethargy is associated with the movement of a tortoise. Charms and omens of Sycorax are associated with hateful creatures as “toads”, “beetles” and “bat”. In the lines “Temperance was a delicate wench”, weather and climatic condition of the island is
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Jumping out of the ship into the sea driven by fear of drowning reflects Nature’s mockery of an ostentatious human contraption. Man’s boastful clinging to his materialistic exhibits and possessions get transformed into his surrender and plea to Mother Nature for mercy. The island symbolizes Nature’s unbounded bountiful, magnanimous realm, which influences and motivates positively in an individual way, the psychology of an individual: “the enchantment of the island purposely makes its appearance correspond with the several natures of the ship-wrecked men who come ashore….Gonzalo finds his “garments rather new dyed than stained with salt water”, but “Antonio and Sebastian cannot see them so. Gonzalo’s comment on the abundance of greenery in the island, ‘how lush and lusty the grass looks! How green!” (2.1.51) Apart from Gonzalo’s eco-affability, it also shows how amidst Nature, man’s outlook/ perception broadens, refreshens, vitalizes and advances to a considerable magnitude towards spontaneity of Man-Nature bonding. It stands in sharp contrast to the monotony and stagnancy of man-made confinements/ enclosures that predominantly manufacture people with clumsy, constricted, non-pragmatic, callous and self-centered attitude.
Prospero’s cell in the island etches the intrusion

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