An Education Battle: Decreasing Amount of Scholarships

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For the last couple of years, students graduating high school have a hard time getting into college or even getting a job. Without a job, scholarship, or financial aid to help, it can be tough to pay for your education. Students are lead to lesser jobs and forced to not go to college because they can not afford tuition. A reason why these colleges ask for so much money is because they don’t have the funding to keep them afloat, so they bump up the prices to get in. School systems need more funding for education. Communities and foundations that reinforce scholarships are cutting back on the number of students it funds. According to an article, “Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio are some of the many states that have eliminated or reduced eligibility for state scholarship programs—“(Phyllis 52). Many students work hard for these and need them to get into college. There are different kinds of scholarships out there. Students who play sports in high school aim to get an athletic scholarship if they want to continue it as a future career. Examples of these athletic scholarships are football, softball, basketball, baseball and any other sport you could think of. Scholarships are a big help when it comes to paying for college by lowering the price. Some of these might even pay it off completely if it holds a lot of money or if you have more than one. Tuition costs are rising considerably and that is not helping out students, especially if they do not

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