An Educational Leadership Department At A Major Research University

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Dayton and Shoto (2006) present a case study regarding an educational leadership department at a major research university, faculty members have become disgruntled as a result of a declining organizational culture fueled by a lack of leadership from an insecure departmental chairman. The department itself had experienced a long standing positive history within the university, and was a “cash cow” due to the number of credit hours, tuition funding per faculty, and local and state service projects. Despite this background, the future of the faculty was uncertain, as their value to the university had diminished and changes within the university were occurring to which they were unresponsive.
Coupled with these changes, great tension and conflicts within the department signaled to the faculty members that “what had been was no more”, that is, their world had changed and the positive experiences that they had come to enjoy was no longer being afforded them. The department had a cast of characters who as faculty members were miserable in their positions, did not like going into work, and felt stuck professionally. They were at a loss in not being able to move forward. Their interactions with each other had degenerated over time. The chairperson, Adolf Petty, who was an unlikeable, hateful, bitter and jealous individual, focused on minor infractions by faculty members and obsessed with rules, regulations, and hierarchy. After a no confidence vote at a faculty meeting, Petty was
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