An Educational Presentation By Caitlin Gibbs

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Yersinia pestis
An educational presentation by Caitlin Gibbs
General Outline
 History and Relevance
 Biological Characteristics
 Pathogenesis
 Detection
Not covering
 Its use as a biological warfare agent

The Plague
Considered by many to be the greatest pandemic in the history of the world, the Plague is a disease that has ‘plagued’ the world for over a millennia.
Three major pandemics recorded throughout history— claimed an estimated 200 million lives.
History of the Plague
The First Pandemic
 First recorded history of the plague, was the Plague of Justinian between 541 – 542 AD.
 Began in Pelusium, Egypt, after arriving from Ethiopia.
 Quickly spread through the Middle East and Mediterranean basin
 Eventually affected all the known world— o 25 million deaths during the pandemic o Up to 50 million deaths total over the next 250 years until 700 AD.
Slowly spread from Central Asia, to the west via trade routes between 1330 and 1346.

The Second Pandemic
 Its arrival in Sicily in 1346 brought the start of the Second Pandemic, known as the Black Death.
 During 1346 to 1353 it killed between 17 and 28 million Europeans, which was about 30 to 40% of the population.
 Further epidemics continued across the globe until the mid 17th century. o The biggest pandemic in history with over 100 million deaths. o Killed 30% of the world’s population.

The Third Plague Pandemic (AKA The Modern Pandemic)
 Started in 1855 in the Chinese province of Yunnan.
 By

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