An Effective Advertisement For A Company 's Brand Essay

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Another power of humorous advertisement is its ability to build a company’s brand by adding value to it and ensuring a lasting customer relationship. In fact, humour is one of the best tools that businesses can use in their advertisements to build their brand. Primarily, a brand is an intangible asset that differentiate companies, and humour is commonly associated with increasing brand awareness. A company’s that has a strong brand is more likely to be more powerful in the market. Therefore, the easiest way for a company to be successful is to build its brand which is done through advertisements. Thus, it is important to choose an effective advertisement method to attract a considerable number of customers. Humorous ad is the appropriate method as, “the humour part of the ad makes the viewer feel good about the advertisement and these positive feelings create profound brand recognition” (Khan 22). Humour appeals to human emotion as the entertaining message stands to incite customer’s engagement. Besides, for a company to be differentiated from its competitors, it should use an advertising method that helps it to stand out. Additionally, brands are the symbolic representation of companies and their lives go beyond the short terms, and even if companies choose to change their products, few choose to change their brands. To summarize, brand building is essential to a company’s overall success which is achieved through advertising. That success in return is measured by
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