An Effective Change Management Plan

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Change Management Introduction Change is often resisted at both the individual and organizational levels despite the potential for positive outcomes. The reasons for this are varied and the process of identifying them can be difficult. Robbins and Judge note that most organizations have developed practices and procedures over an extended period and being based on behaviors to which employees are strongly committed are by and large stable. Discussion The Change Management Training Video produced by Cisco articulates a process by which organizations can successfully facilitate change within an organization. Using a newsroom as a model, the video illustrates this process step by step. Establishing the Need for Overall Support of the Change Mason, the station manager, solicits the support of Kathryn, Ken, and Nicole to implement new technology into the work place that will allow reporters to shoot stories without the aid of a camera crew. He listens to and acknowledges concerns and asks for help to prepare, implement, and manage the change. This step is important in order to create buy-in for the proposed change. The leader must garner the support of the followers. Creating a Plan as to How to Change Mason includes them all by forming a team. They set a meeting for the following day to discuss the change process and the necessary first steps. Again this is an important part of the preparation. The employees need to feel that they have input into the proposed
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