An Effective Classroom Management Plan Essay

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Implications of Classroom Management There are many things that a teacher must think about when creating their classroom management plan. One of these things involves the legal and ethical implications as they relate to the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, and teachers. I have reviewed several articles related to this subject, and will give a brief overview of each of them as well as tell how they will make a difference in the way that I manage my own classroom. Most of the articles, that I chose, pertain to the lack of parental involvement in their children’s lives which leads to problems that teachers must deal with. These articles pertain to the social and economic situations that are causing a lot of the problems…show more content…
As a high school football and girls softball coach for the last 20 years, the fear of litigation has always been a concern. I have learned, many ways of protecting myself in the event of a lawsuit, all of which will be beneficial in the classroom. Documenting, that you have taught safe behaviors, in the classroom, will limit the chances that you could be found liable. The article that I read has also eased my fears in the knowledge that the courts are favoring the schools in most cases. As you usually only hear about the cases in which the school districts lost. As I have had to deal with the fear of litigation as a coach in sports were injuries do happen, the fear of litigation resulting from something happening in the classroom does not bother me personally. The second article, The Standardized Classroom, by Leslie Rayburn, describes the problems that are causing a lot of teachers to abandon the profession, and others to become disillusioned. She states; One of the problems that teachers face today is that the students who are coming into the classrooms now are needier than ever before. This is due in part to the many societal pressures that cause parents to have less time to spend with their children. Teachers have to deal with basic emotional needs that weren’t an issue before. This drains them and prevents them from doing their jobs well.
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