An Effective Classroom Management Plan

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An effective classroom management plan creates an inviting environment in which all students have the opportunity to engage in a learning experience which includes both socially acceptable behavior and content core material. The strategies within the proposal allows the teacher to reach the personal, psychological, and learning needs of the student while encouraging positive, productive behavior in order to reach students’ personal goals (Jones & Jones, 2013, p. 1). One’s philosophy of classroom management becomes individualized because of the personal experiences and perspective which each instructor brings into the classroom setting. Therefore, the components which encapsulate one’s philosophy of classroom management includes an understanding of why students misbehave, what makes a classroom plan affective, keys to student engagement, and how one’s personal experiences shape one’s interpretation of the theory of classroom management.
Typically, teachers will contribute student’s misbehavior to either the psychological developmental stages students’ progress through or external factors like socioeconomic, mental, physical, or emotional issues. However, order or the lack thereof, within the classroom setting makes a profound impact on the students’ behavioral issues which ones experiences within their classroom setting. Therefore students’ misbehavior can be attributed to the classroom management police not meeting the basic needs of their students (Jones & Jones,…
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