An Effective Evaluation Process Help The Healthcare Organizations Measure And Improve Performance

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The Joint Commission also sets achievable standards for an effective evaluation process to help the healthcare organizations measure and improve performance. The focus of these standards is to make sure that individuals are provided with the best quality of service by the organizations. According to the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, there are 4 sections of standards. Section 1 covers Accreditation Participation Requirements, section 2 speaks about patient-centered standards such as safety goals, access to care and continuity of care, patient and family rights, assessment of patients, care of patients, anesthesia and surgical care, medication management and use, and patient and family education. Section 3 speaks about health-care organization management standards like quality improvement and patient safety, prevention and control of infections, governance, leadership and direction, facility management safety, staff qualifications and education, and management of information. Section four speaks about the academic medical center hospital standards consisting of medical professional education and human subjects research programs (Joint Commission International, 2013).
The Shoreview VA Hospital is fully accredited by JCAHO, Joint Commision, for the following Healthcare Organizations; Hospital Care, Long Term Care, Home Care, and Behavioral Health Care Programs. The last accreditation survey was conducted on August 2013. In January 2015,
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