An Effective Leadership At Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.

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Having the ability to influence is a power that not many people possess. Mastering how to influence is the key component in becoming an effective leader. It is a necessary skill to have in order to achieve support from your followers. Without a support system leaders will have a hard time implementing new ideas and even decision making. I learned in these last few modules that influencing is an art. One must learn to tailor their behavior and approach accordingly to their target audience. Influencing people in my day to day life has never been an issue, I have heard my charm and charisma is electric. However the one thing I could not figure out was how to work with our Singapore office.
I began working at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc in 2011. Upon being hired I knew I was going to face many challenges. It was a new industry for me and I had very little experience in Finance. In my first year at Starwood was spent doing “clean up” on old accounts, and rebuilding tarnished vendor relationships. My first year review was outstanding and I was praised for the remarkable work I had done. Immediately upper management decided to give me the next big issue; how to integrate our Singapore legal department finances. Our hotels in Asia had more than doubled with in the last few years and so did our legal fees. As an organization they felt it was important to begin capturing the legal fees in Singapore, for budget and forecasting purposes.
As I began
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