An Effective Method Of Expanding Your World View

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Attending events that require you to explore, even at a minimal level, other cultures can be an effective method of expanding your world view. I participated in one such event at the University of Northern Iowa’s Rod Library on Wednesday November 19th. The event was properly named “Around the World in 120 Minutes.” I will give a description of the event and a partial analysis of the event as well. Starting at 4:00 P.M. after most classes around campus have finished, the event continued until 6:00 P.M. As I entered the Library I was asked if I was participating and was given a “passport” that would hold the stamps from different stations and also a survey on the event. If one could acquire a certain amount of stamps during the event then prizes were awarded from a numerical system (e,g, 5 stamps received a keychain attachment). The event’s floor plan consisted of three blocks of tables that ran from East to West through the main colonnade of the library 's first floor. At each table a representative of a certain country would welcome guests while explaining the displays on the table. Some displays included T.V. interaction, such as popular youtube videos from South Korea. Conversely, some displays consisted of only physical objects (i.e. books and cultural artifacts). Half way through the line up of tables was a separation where live events took place: a man playing bagpipes, others dancing traditional dances. The final constituent of this event, and I believe a
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