An Effective Model Of Process And Best Practices

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An Effective Model of Process and Best Practices 1. Introduction This a report of my experiences and findings during an eight month industrial internship placement (Jan 2014 to August 2014) at SeisWare International Inc: an “industry leader in the development, sales and support of seismic interpretation software” [1]. In particular, it is a company that focuses on exploration and production in the oil and gas industry through the support and development of its software package. Contained within this package are varied applications which provide the tools and utilities needed to streamline a geophysicist’s workflow. My responsibilities as a junior software developer at SeisWare included the maintaining of preexisting features, as well as…show more content…
enSeisWare can be taken as an example which advocates for the sharing of certain testing and coding work tasks by both QA and Development. Both manual testing and the creation of automated tests are to be shared and completed by both positions. Benefits resulting from this system include prevention of bottlenecks in certain stages of the software development cycle as well as shared accountability between team members for the work completed. In the previous example, there might be a differentiation between QA and Dev testing (ie. QA’s might have better black box perspective to testing) but contrasting feedback is presented. Furthermore, this system allows for team members to experience all aspects involved in the software development cycle and allows input by everyone. A cohesive team mentality is encouraged and obstacles inhibiting work are removed. 2.2 Adapting Process The effectiveness of the agile approach within a company is relative to the ability in which processes and procedures can be adjusted to better fit its needs. A key factor for adopting successful agile is through the encouragement of a constantly changing environment where changes can happen frequently, become accepted as the norm, and be easily integrated into the process. Process formalities are frequently revised to meet the needs within SeisWare. As a case scenario there was a point in time dedicated for bug fixing during the release cycle which
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