An Effective Network Security Measure

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This creates a layered method of protection, in which they have to successfully pass through all layers, making it harder for an attacker to penetrate network defenses. Based on research a multifactor authentication system is a more secure and harder to penetrate method, great for the energy sector; making it an effective network security measure.

3. Firewalls

A firewall is an access control security tool used to prevent unwanted access to a network. It is usually the first line of defense and serves sort of like a gate in which all outside network traffic and internet connections are verified prior to granting access to a private network, making sure it meets security policies in place (IU, 2013). With a firewall a provider can establish which traffic is acceptable and which isn’t and the firewall simply executes at command, blocking all unrecognized access making the network more secure.

Firewalls originated in the late 1980’s getting their name from firefighting and prevention, signifying keeping a fire out (Rouse, 2014). If an attack on your network occurred it could be compared to a fire which is where the firewall comes in, keeping negative effects out.
Firewalls are said to now be used as a major defense against cyber-attacks.

There are several types of firewalls. The most commonly used are;

• Packet filtering firewalls: These were one of the first firewalls used. Their main

function was to monitor the flow of packets from the internet, verifying the…
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