An Effective Nurse Relationship Between The Nurse And The Client

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Introduction Throughout all nurse to client-relationships the central component to being an effective nurse is to be able to establish a therapeutic relationship with their client. The RNAO states that “effective nursing practice is dependent on an effective therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the client.” (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, 2002). By using the adaption of John’s (2006) Model of Structured Reflection, a clinical scenario including a nurse and a client will be analyzed for the nurse’s ability to create a therapeutic relationship throughout her interaction with the client. Description of Therapeutic Encounter Being able to communicate both verbally and non-verbally is a key factor in creating a therapeutic relationship with the client. Throughout the nurse-client interaction the nurse showed verbal and non-verbal behaviors that did not follow the guideline that The College of Nurses of Ontario (2006) has laid out for nurses to follow. A few of the guide lines are; trust, empathy, and power. From the moment the nurse entered the room she did not look at the client at all and never introduced herself or told him why she was there. The client had to ask “No doctor?” (Video, 2008) for her to finally say anything. By her not introducing herself she has already diminished the first impression that the client has of her and has lost his trust. Introducing themselves to the client by name and category is one the most effective communication
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