An Effective Performance Management System

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Section 1: Introduction The theme of this paper is to formulate an effective performance management system, incorporate the HR concepts needed to manage that system, identify any strengths or weaknesses with the plan provide recommendations to implement the performance management plan. The references used will come from Chapter 8-10 of the textbook and several other web based sources. Section 2: Content. The subject of my research paper and performance management system will be an organization that I 'm quite familiar with, which is the Recruiting and Retention Battalion for the Army National Guard for the state of Georgia. I have intimate knowledge of the organization, having worked for them for six years from 2006 to 2012. I 'd like to also mention that this was the time period during the height of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, in addition to the worldwide commitment the military was charged with to combat terrorism worldwide. The pressure that military recruiters were under at that time to keep the ranks filled with "fresh bodies for the fight" was tremendous and at times, overwhelming and daunting. Recruiters that failed to "make mission/quota" were berated constantly, often publicly in presence of their peers. The need for a performance improvement plan was needed, but with the mission at hand, remedial training was non-existent. Had time be in our favor, many a recruiter who fell behind could have been re-trained to become productive members of the recruiting
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