An Effective Piece Of Running The Country

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In 1992 Djibouti was under a written constitution that had several amendments. Due to the amendments the citizens of the country supported the constitution and it proved to be an effective piece of running the country. The government has total control of the economy and of the country so its goal is to try and make improvements anywhere they can to satisfy the people. Currently the country is a one party state and hosting a People’s Rally for Progress in power as we speak. There are no opposing members in the national organization because according to the law it was ruled that the party with the majority of the vote in each and every district, wins all the votes of that district, but the main opposing coalitions are Union for Democratic Change and Union for Democratic Movements which makes it four pro government political parties and seven anti political parties. With Djibouti being a democratic country, the voting process is upheld by an electoral body. For a long time the voting results have been mostly in favor of a single political party, mostly this is influenced by the wasted votes of people who bring themselves to vote. The next election will be held in two years, 2017, unless the president resigns, or any other proper reasons to induce the elections to happen before their time. It has been a long time since the country has seen a major political change. This is also to say that since the reduction of the presidential term, they have undergone very little political

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