An Effective Propaganda Tool During The French Revolution

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Amanda Fraistat Claudia Vizcarra/ B02 Assignment #4 9 March 2015 Comply or Die!: The Jacobins Most Effective Propaganda Tool during the French Revolution The French Revolution pitted the Monarchy against the Revolutionaries in a power struggle, but even within the Revolutionary’s group, there were several subgroups vying for power such as, the Girondists (Girondins?) and the Jacobins. The Girondists were the moderate political party and wanted limited democracy for Revolutionary France, whereas, the Jacobins were the radical party that wanted pure democracy for France (Gallant 123) [cite this way?]. Both groups, however, wanted freedom from the dictatorial rule of the Monarchy and the Estate System (capitalized?) that controlled France before the Revolution took place. The Estate System split the citizens of France into three different groups: the First Estate with 10,000 people and the most power, the Second Estate with 400,000 people and moderate power, and the Third Estate with 25 million people and the least power. (Gallant 111) The unfair burdens placed upon the citizens of the Third Estate soon led to the French Revolution in July of 1789, in which democracy and equal rights were sought. At first the Girondists won the governmental spot, but this power struggle eventually led to the Jacobins to gain leadership from 1793-1794. During their short but impactful rule, there were several different types of propaganda that the Jacobins used as political policies to
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