An Effective Retail Design That Maximize Success For Juice Guys At The East Coast Market

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This problem case details the steps to determine an effective retail design that would maximize success for Juice Guys in the east coast market. After reaching triumph in the west coast market, Juice Guys is looking to expand firstly into the Boston neighbourhoods. Boston consumers had a strong likeness for Nantucket Nectars but the market was different: metropolitan city (year round) versus summer only in Nantucket Island.

To accomplish this feat, the company must decide how to target and position the stores given the differential differences in demographic and environmental traits. Furthermore, Juice Guys needs to determine who are their customers, their inclinations for the product and their preferences to a smoothie store.
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This poses a substantial financial loss as each store provides a total of $1300 with margins as high as 50%. Alternatively, Juice Guys has only been successful in the west coast; therefore the company will not risk future losses. However, as there is a growing market for healthy lifestyles, this presents a considerable growth option for the company.

2. Expand into east coast and design like west coast
Juice Guys currently has a strong reputation in the west coast, which can be carried forward to their operations in the east. They have a deep reputation with consumers for their products, which leads to increased potential of brand resonance. However, as the west coast consumers differ from the east, there is the possibility of Juice Guys products not being accepted as welcomingly.

3. Expand into east coast and design for east coast needs
Juice Guys can capitalize on the brand equity of the brand yet design retail concepts in Boston according to local needs. This option will allow the company to replicate the success they achieved in Nantucket Island (modifying operations to open during summer to meet local consumer needs). Additionally, this will allow the Boston market to understand this new product offering. However, as retail concepts differ across the country, there may be the lack of consistency across the brand, which will confuse consumers in Juice Guys’ brand message.

Critical Issues

1. Difference in market
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