An Effective Strategic Leadership At The Air War College ( Awc )

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When I was a lieutenant, one of my mentors told me that the officers ‘job is first and foremost about leadership. For senior officers, then, one must say everything is about leading strategically. In order to be an effective strategic leader, my self-assessment has led me to focus on the following goals during this academic year at the Air War College (AWC): to improve my understanding of the strategic environment; to learn to be strategically relevant, to shape my ability to communicate effectively at the strategical level. A self-assessment through self-awareness is key for one to understand his own strengths and weaknesses. Only after conducting it, can he settle goals and objectives in order to take any corrective action. This is…show more content…
This ultimately deprives me from being involved in systems thinking and environment assessment. Last, I am not familiar with strategic communication which is key in gaining some leverage in the decision-making process. Overall, this self-assessment shows both strengths and weaknesses and appeals from me for three main goals during my year at AWC. My first goal is to improve my understanding of the environment. Achieving this goal means better knowing the global and the regional (African region) contexts. To better understand the global change in the world-level environment, I seek to take advantage of the readings, the lectures and the seminar discussions. Those will help me understand not only the current global environment but its dynamics and trends through the lenses of geography, cultures, tensions and influences, policies and strategies etc. An effective way to make sure my knowledge on the global environment constantly increases throughout the year is to frequently recall my lessons summaries, the instructors’ insights, papers’ feedback etc. In addition to apprehending the worldwide environment, it is essential for me to know more profoundly about African current and changing context. Indeed, as a Senegalese officer, my hierarchy will first and foremost challenge me in matters which are highly connected to the African environment. So, as long as I am concerned, understanding the evolving regional contest is not an option but a duty. To ensure myself a true
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