An Effective Strategy For Increasing Student Learning

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The purpose of this research project was to determine whether or not using individual whiteboards in mathematics is an effective strategy for increasing student learning. A common theme in the subject of mathematics is the requirement of students using a pen and pencil to fill out a worksheet that encompasses a list of problems for them to solve. However, this practice becomes monotonous and boring for the students which ultimately negatively impacting their engagement. Therefore, a formative assessment tool like the individual whiteboard can be implemented to spark engagement. Whiteboards are easily accessible and a change of pace in the everyday classroom. They are an operative tool for teachers to implement in their classroom. It was hypothesized that whiteboards would increase student learning as measured by assessment scores. It was also hypothesized that student participation and engagement would increase as measured by researcher observation.
Literature Review

In elementary education, assessment serves a fundamental role in determining whether or not students are comprehending and learning the material being taught. A wide variety of methods exist to assess learning. However, this research study will examine formal assessment, and specifically test the hypothesis that the implementation of individual dry erase whiteboards will positively impact student learning in comparison to the lack of whiteboards. Whiteboards are not as commonly used in education today with…
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