An Effective Supply Chain Management

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An effective supply chain management is critical to success in today’s business environment where competition, risk and uncertainty are challenging. Ahenkora and Peasah (2011, p.278) state that ‘the need to deliver on clear strategic choices in today’s hypercompetitive business and uncertain environment is greater than ever’.

Electrolux, one of the major players in the home appliances industry, has modified its strategy over the years, adapting its business to new business requirements and customers’ expectations, allowing the company to work towards its vision to be the best appliance company in the world as measured by customers, employees and shareholders. Electrolux sources its supplies from different countries, manufactures in different locations and have multiple target markets. All of these factors have implications in the supply chain and logistics management, bringing its own challenges.

This assignment analyses the supply chain and logistics at Electrolux through different theories. It is divided in four main sections: an initial section describing Electrolux’s business; followed by the main section where Electrolux’s supply chain is described and analysed based on three elements: a. Logistic network integration; b. Procurement and; c. Performance analysis. The final section of this report ties the arguments together into possible actions and recommendations that could be used to improve the flow and control of goods and materials through the…
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