An Effective Team And Is Communication Effective

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Working in Teams The video presented for this assignment showed us a group with definite issues. The group is attempting to work on an analysis project to implement something new. We witness the initial meeting and the “group leaders” reaction afterwards. There is not much to go on beyond this information. It is clear though, that the group will fail unless actions are taken to create more effective communication, proper motivation, and constructive conflict management.
Is This an Effective Team and is Communication Effective?
This team consists of, what appears to be, people of similar status within the company. No one is a subordinate to the other. In order for us to determine whether or not this is an effective team, we must evaluate three factors. In the case of team performance, it may be too early to tell based on the video, my initial thoughts are that the team does not appear engaged in the project and therefore, may not put in a full effort to achieve the goals of the team. With regards to membership satisfaction, again, they do not appear to even want to have the meeting, much less participate in a project together. Based on the little information we see from one meeting; I believe satisfaction to be low. This brings us the last determination of an effective team, viability. This group has a member moving to another area of the company, and another distracted by the fact that her mother-in-law is moving in. Based on the small subset we see of this…
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