An Effective Treatment For Teenage Depression

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Approximately 11.4% of the United States population or 2.8 million American Adolescents between the ages 12-17 have suffered from at least one Major Depressive Episode (MDE) in the year 2014 (National Institute of Mental Health 2014). A MDE is defined as a period of at least two weeks or longer where one experiences a depressed mood, loss of interest, and pleasure and experiences symptoms such as altered appetite, sleep issues , weight loss or gain, lack of energy, and suicidal thoughts or actions. Of these 2.8 million American adolescents suffering from depression less than 33% actually receive treatment (Teen Help 2015). Depression is a highly treatable disease with treatments ranging from therapy to the use of prescribed medication. Recent studies have shown that healthy lifestyle changes can also be an effective treatment for teenage depression and is a much cheaper alternative to more expensive treatment options. A healthy lifestyle can alter one’s brain chemistry thus improving teens mental health, and through healthful eating and daily exercise adolescents and teens can treat and prevent depression and anxiety disorders.
16 year old Elise Jamison describes her experience with depression as something that “just hits you. It feels like riding a bike, and in the blink of an eye, you’re trying to pedal through quicksand with no tires.” The World Health Organization reports that depression is the number 1 cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls ages 10 to…

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