An Effective Treatment of Kidney Failure Essay

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An Effective Treatment of Kidney Failure The kidney can fail for many reasons, when it does it leaves the sufferer with an inability to filter out harmful substances in the blood. This leads to a number of symptoms. The first treatment for kidney failure would normally be dialysis, there are two techniques. Haemodialysis cleans blood outside the body by using a pump to pump out the blood and through a dialyser. This filters out the blood via diffusion and pumps the "clean" blood back around the body to pick up more toxins and back to the dialyser. It also takes out the excess water, this is called ultrafiltation. It needs to be done for four hours, three times a week. Peritoneal dialysis…show more content…
There can be problems with fluid leaks in the groin or around the catheter when dialysis starts. Infections are the major risk - either in the exit site or most importantly in the tummy itself, peritonitis. In the long term, there can be a thickening of the peritoneal membrane so that it does not work efficiently. The dialysis fluid may need to be changed or switched to haemodialysis. The treatment of dialysis is used in conjunction with a special diet that has to be customized to each individual. Because the kidney takes away so many different toxins from the blood it is important to have regular blood tests to see what is missing from the diet. Medication is also a big factor in treating kidney failure; once it is established what is missing, drugs can be given to help It is possible to be considered for a kidney transplant. A transplant of a healthy kidney from someone who has died is called a cadaveric transplant it is the most common in this country, but it is possible to receive a kidney from a living donor who is a suitable match. If the person is a close relative, this is called a living related transplant. It may be possible to receive a kidney from someone who is not a relative - such as a husband, wife, partner or good friend. This is a living unrelated transplant. Over 1,500 kidney transplants are performed in the UK every year
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