An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic Architecture For Discrete Wavelet Transform

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An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic Architecture for
Discrete Wavelet Transform in JPEG2000 encoder
R.Karthik1, K.Jaikumar2
1, 2 Asst. Professor, Department of ECE, P. A. College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi.


Abstract -- The JPEG 2000 image compression standard is designed for a broad range of data compression applications. The Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) is central to the signal analysis and is important in JPEG 2000 and is quite susceptible to computer-induced errors. However, advancements in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) provide a new vital option for the efficient implementation of DSP algorithms. The main goal of project is to design multiplier less and high speed digital filters to design DWT. The convolution and lifting based approach posses hardware complexity due to multiplier and long critical paths. The Distributed arithmetic architecture is implemented to achieve multiplier less computation in DWT filtering, it is based on Look-up table approach, which may lead to a reduction of power consumption and the hardware complexity. DA is basically a bit-serial computational operation that forms an inner product of a pair of vectors in a single direct step. To speed up the process the parallel DA is implemented. In the parallel implementation, the input is applied sample by sample in a bit parallel form.
Index terms JPEG 2000, DWT, Error Detection, DA. INTRODUCTION
In the last few

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