An Efficient Protocol For Service Discovery In Wireless Sensor Network Lab Report

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An Efficient Protocol for Service Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks In [40],introduced simple service discovery protocol targeting to minimize the number of messages in the network while at the same time ,keeping the waiting time for services at minimal. Moreover,the performance of the stationary wireless sensor network is assessed. Remote procedure calls are used to retrieval a service once it is discovered, which permits for richer and parameterized interaction with the sensor. Enhancing peer-to-peer content discovery techniques over mobile ad hoc networks Authors in [41], assessed performance of Peer-to-peer structured and unstructured content discovery techniques over MANETs. Moreover, authors…show more content…
After extensive studies on the analytical properties of the optimal solution, MDSCR heuristic algorithm is presented to achieve an effective service composition and recovery solution for ad hoc networks with anonymous node mobility. Simulations results conducted with using the proposed MDSCR algorithm in various network environments, reveals that the presented algorithm can achieve better performance than traditional methods. BloomCast _Efficient Full-Text Retrieval over Unstructured P2Ps with Guaranteed Recall BloomCast [44], introduced an efficient and effective full-text retrieval scheme, in unstructured P2P networks. Effectiveness came from grantees best recall rate with high probability. Also its efficiency came from reducing the overall communication cost of full-text search below the known bound. Moreover, communication cost and storage cost for replication are significantly reduced by selecting Bloom Filters instead of the raw documents across the network. The Results of mathematical proof and comprehensive simulations shown that BloomCast outperforms available schemes regarding both recall rate and communication cost. A Cluster-based Multipath Delivery Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks CMDS in [45], exploit the multipath and cluster approaches to enhance the ability of load balance, which is extending the network lifetime. CMDS divide

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