An Efficient Way Transmit Codes

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Throughout time the need for an efficient way transmit codes were essential to success, after World War I and into the start of World War II American forces was running out of ideas for codes. The USA had always used the white’s soldiers for the code talkers because there were easy to train, and a abundance of them to choose making them the practice choose for code talkers. Until Philip Johnston, he was an initiator that worked for a Marine Corps ' program. As a kid and into his teens he grew up on a Navajo reservation and his dad was a missionary. Whit all the time that Johnston spent of the reservation he became familiar with the people and their language. With the use of the Navajos it grained equality for Native Americans which was not found in the late 1800’s, and soon it gained them a greater respect by the whites into today’s age. In the late 1800’s Indians were seen through the eyes of the settlers as pests, people who occupy the land that rightfully belonged to the whites. They were thought of as savages. However this was not true, the Navajo Indians and many other tribes were only willing to fight for their land, families and the property that they have inhabited for hundreds of years (Robert A. Roessel, 1). In this time of lack of control, Navajos were overpowered by Americans who were in position of authority and control. This is because Americans lacked the understanding of the Navajo way, leading to be fatal for many as they were being transferred, resigned,
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