An Efficient and Secure Multicast Key Management Scheme Based on Star Topology

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With the growth of Internet, the usage of group communication becomes more popular. These applications include the pay TV channels, secure videoconferencing, multi-partner military action, wireless sensor, and ad hoc networks. In today’s era, information security is the prime concern as with the technological advancements, the attackers are provided with more powerful and sophisticated tools. Today, the Internet is not totally secure for privacy. The usage of multicast applications increases day by day so it needs secure multicast services.
Multicasting is a simple way to send one stream of data to multiple users simultaneously. It helps in reducing the required bandwidth significantly, as it enables splitting of a single transmission among multiple users [9]. Multicasting not only optimizes the performance but also enhances the efficiency of network. For these reasons, multicasting has become the preferred transmission method for most group communication.
Group key management plays an important role in group communication. A common group key is required for individual users in the group for secure multicast communication. Group key have to be updated frequently whenever member joins and leaves in order to provide forward and backward secrecy. Forward secrecy ensures that an expelled member cannot gather information about future multicast communication and backward secrecy ensures that a joining member cannot gather information about past multicast communication [11]. For
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