An Egyptian Student Wanting To Study Engineering in the UK

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I have recently, after appraising the situation in my country – Egypt – following the Egyptian revolution, detected dents in the Egyptian operating system that need further construction. These are chasms that require maintenance and upkeep, and lie in all aspects of our life: education, health, transportation, economy etc.So I believe engineering will be my map to study the mechanic of the Egyptian society and accurately locate the problem. I have always been preoccupied with the idea of changing people’s lives to the better, someway or another and now I have located an adequate vector to accomplish that mission I always had an interest in the way things work, when I was young, science and math has been my favourite subjects. My interest in sciences, especially mechanics, has developed throughout my time at school, and I enjoy using scientific and mathematical concepts when solving everyday problems. A friend’s brother wanted to open a bookstore and he had told me his idea, as he knew I was an avid reader. I offered to assist him and he immediately put me to work. I started contacting publishers and he gave me authority to choose books to order and to place these orders. Then I was given responsibility over the exhaustive task of entering the immense number of books into the database. Then I started working as a salesman; this, to me, was the reward for my hard work. I was actually the first to open the bookstore, and what a triumphant feeling that was! The owner had
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