An Electronic Health Record System

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2. Describe 4 limitations to traditional (paper-based) medical record systems and discuss how electronically stored data can overcome each limitation.91
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Traditional paper-based medical record systems have hindered communication and patient treatment amongst the medical community. Four limitations of the traditional paper-based medical record system are inaccessibility/unavailability, redundancy and inefficiency, influence on clinical research, and passivity (Shortliffe & Barnett, 2014). As a result, it is more practical and imperative to implement an electronic health record system to ameliorate these issues. An EHR is a digital version of a paper chart which streamlines sharing updated, real-time information with other providers; thus authorized users may promptly access a patient’s EHR from any location and across various healthcare providers. As a result, providers employ the EHR to obtain a comprehensive health record to assist them in their decision making for patient treatment.
In the traditional paper-based system, a patient’s paper chart may become unavailable or inaccessible when the health care professional needs it. For instance, another individual might be using the paper chart within the building, or it may be lost or misplaced regardless of its tracking system, or an individual inadvertently picked it up and now it is hidden under a stack of files on someone’s desk. However, although the paper chart is unavailable, the clinician must still provide…
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