An Electronic Medical Record Is Much Better And Much Safer Than Paper Record

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Advances are being made to develop IT infrastructure that are both inexpensive and robust. Medical data are complex, but there are data standards for diseases, procedure, and laboratory tests. An electronic medical record is much better and much safer than paper record.
TABLE 1. AHIMA Data Quality management Characteristics Characteristics Application Collection Warehousing Analysis
Data Accuracy
Data are the correct values and are valid to facilitate the accuracy, determine the applicant’s purpose, the question to be answered Ensuring accuracy involves education and training and timely and appropriate communication of data definitions to those who collect data. For example, data accuracy will help ensure that if a patient’s sex is female, it is accurately recorded as female and not male To warehouse data, appropriate edits should be in place to ensure accuracy. For example, error reports should be generated for inconsistent values such as a diagnosis inappropriate for age or gender. Exception or error reports should be generated and corrections should be made. To accurately analyze data, ensure that the algorithms, formulas, and translation systems are correct, for example ensure that the encoder assigns correct codes and that the appropriate DRG is assigned for the codes entered. Also, ensure that each record or entry within the database is correct.
Data Comprehensiveness
All required data items included. Ensure that the entire scope of the data is collected and…

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