An Electronic Medical Record Is Much Better And Much Safer Than Paper Record

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Advances are being made to develop IT infrastructure that are both inexpensive and robust. Medical data are complex, but there are data standards for diseases, procedure, and laboratory tests. An electronic medical record is much better and much safer than paper record.
TABLE 1. AHIMA Data Quality management Characteristics Characteristics Application Collection Warehousing Analysis
Data Accuracy
Data are the correct values and are valid to facilitate the accuracy, determine the applicant’s purpose, the question to be answered Ensuring accuracy involves education and training and timely and appropriate communication of data definitions to those who collect data. For example, data accuracy will help ensure that if a patient’s sex is
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Include a problem statement and cost-benefit or impact study when collected data are increased. For example, in addition to outcome it may be important to gather data that impact outcomes. Cost-effective comprehensive data collection may be achieved via interface to or download from other automated systems. Data definition and data precision impact comprehensive data collection. Warehousing includes managing relationships of data owners, data collectors, and data end-users to ensure that all aware of the available data in the inventory and accessible systems. This also helps to reduce redundant data collection Ensure that all pertinent data impacting the application are analyzed in concert
Data Currency The data should be up-to-date. A datum value is up-to-date if it is current for a specific point in time. It is outdated if it was current at some preceding time yet incorrect at a later time. The appropriateness or value of an application changes over time. For example, traditional quality assurance applications are gradually being replaced by those with the more current application of performance improvement. Data definitions change are modified over time. These should be documented so that current and future users know what the data mean. These changes should be communicated in a timely manner to those collecting and to the
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