An Emergency Medicine Physician With Asthma

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We spoke with an emergency medicine physician about his experiences with asthma. He told us that he sees multiple patients for asthma related incidents each day. If children have more moderate or severe asthma they typically have an asthma action plan and use a peak flow meter to decide whether they should go to the hospital. He also told us that asthma attacks are very obvious when they come into the ER so they don’t typically do much testing to make sure that it is an asthma attack. Lastly, he told us they do not diagnose asthma in the ER, but rather refer them back to their primary care physician after their ER visit.

6. Primary Care Physicians

We spoke with a primary care physician and medical director at Mill City clinic. He sees asthma patients daily, but commonly they are either Adults with well-controlled asthma or asthma is on a patient 's problem list but he is seeing them for other reasons. One of the main things we discovered is how peak flow meters, asthma action plans, and wait-and-see prescriptions (WASPs) relate and shows a need for our device in the at-home market. He sends peak flow meters home with moderate to severe asthma patients after creating an asthma action plan. This plan has three main levels: green, yellow, and red. If you reach red you should be picking up a WASP at the pharmacist, which is usually an oral corticosteroid that you should not be on regularly. You should contact your physician when this occurs, but you already have
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