An Emergency Plan For The United States

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Zombies, yes, the walking dead, have infested our town, and we must keep the members of it safe. The members that I am especially concerned with are the children who attend our schools, as well as the many staff members that keep the school running properly. In order to fulfill my duty as the superintendent of the schools in this area, I am willing to put forth all of my energy into saving our kids. The majority of our schools is located in the south, and the zombies have occupied most of the northern areas. Fortunately, we still have access to electricity. Nevertheless, we must use it wisely, for we do not know how long this luck will last. In addition to reports of power outages in the north that may be spreading south, there are also reports of inoperative fire stations with all-pervading fires. For all of this chaos, believe it or not, we have an emergency plan. Since this crisis was unexpected, this plan may have some flaws, but it is our best chance for survival.
Preceding the arrival of students, we should gather supplies so that we know where we stand in this situation. With that being said, we are depending on teachers to gather materials to insure that we are not inadequately prepared. Thus, teachers should go immediately to their rooms and search for the following items: non-perishable foods, any jackets or blankets, extra water and other beverages, and any other supplies they feel will be useful. Rounding up supplies will not be their only task to complete…
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