An Emergency Room Visit For Pain

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CC Mrs. Csernelabics 72-year-old female here today for followup from an emergency room visit for pain in her arms and legs. HPI The patient tells me that she felt as though she could "feel my heart beat", for the last couple of weeks and she started checking her blood pressures more frequently. She has a blood pressure cuff at home and she says her blood pressures are running high. In addition, her pulse was up as well. Around the same time, she stated that her arms and legs were feeling weak, but on further questioning, said it was not weakness, it was a pain. She says when she is seated, it typically is not an issue, but as soon as she starts to walk, or use her arms, she develops some pain, which causes her to stop. Once she stops, it goes away. She has not fallen. There has been there has been no specific injury or trauma. There has been no vision or hearing changes from her baseline. She has had no pain in the chest. She has had no increased shortness of breath from her baseline. No wheezing. No coughing or cold symptoms. There have been no fevers, chills, or body aches. No nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, currently. She did stop Victoza about four to six weeks ago because of some diarrhea and she said that went away when she stopped the Victoza. She has been monitoring her blood pressures. They are ranging from the 132 to 178 systolic over 60s to 90s diastolic. One outlier with a low at 84/70. She is not having any facial flushing. She is not

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