An Emerging Class Of Non Relational Database Management System

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NOSQL is an emerging class of non-relational database, used to handle Big Data, it stands for Not Only SQL which solve the problem of processing unstructured data, considering that this non-relational database does not use a schema, and does not relay on the table/key model used in RDBMSs (Relational DataBase Management System).
NOSQL have the following characteristic:
• Scalability: the competence to store data across multiple data stores simultaneously, moreover enlarge and decrease the size of data stores in response to the need. All these operations must be invisible to the end users.
• Data and Query model: a specific framework are used in SQL to store data, in addition data are access intelligently with a requisite set of query APIs.
• Interface diversity: a variant connection mechanism is offered for programmers and data base managers; it also supports RESTfull APIs.
• Persistence design: a very fast memory system of the servers is used to keep the entire database.
• Eventual consistency: Basically Available Soft state and Eventual Consistency known as BASE is the used mechanism to ensure the consistency of data, rather than Atomicity, consistency of Isolation, Durability ACID used in RDBMS.

The main technology under NoSQL are: Key Value Pair Store, Document Oriented Databases, and Graph databases.
a) Key Value Pair Store:
KVP is the simplest od NoSQL databases, uses to store huge amount of data, it employs the Key Value Pair model.
KVP does not require a schema like…
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