An Emotional Bond Between Children And Their Caregivers Essay

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Introduction: Define attachment:

Secure attachment is defined by the psychology glossary as “an emotional bond between children and their caregivers” (Psychologistworldcom, 2016)
Normal development of attachment:
Mary Ainsworth in the early 1950’s developed a technique to measure attachment, called the “strange situation procedure”. She wanted to observe how children react to their mother’s leaving the room, being left alone with a stranger, and how they react to their mother returning.(Brain et al, 2009). She noticed that children with secure attachment were upset when their mother left, but were easily calmed and settled when their mother returned. She also noticed that children with secure attachments appeared to be those whose mother were consistent and sensitive and met their needs. This made them feel safe and trust their caregivers and thus develop a secure attachment. ( 's online glossary.) What if this was not present? If this consistent, nurturing and responsive relationship between the caregiver and the child is not present then the child will develop an insecure attachment. (Simplypsychologyorg, 2016)

Bowlby’s sensitive period:
Bowlby developed a theory called the “attachment theory” that suggests that children are born and come into this world ready to attach in order to survive. He believed that this attachment should occur during the child’s first 2-3 years which is their critical period. If the attachment bond does not occur or if its
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