An Emotional Intelligence Assessment : Measuring The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication And Self Evaluation

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An Emotional Intelligence Assessment: Measuring the Importance of Interpersonal Communication and Self-Evaluation in Business Leadership


A Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment will be analyzed to better understand the emotional complexities of managing a car detail business. My own personal experiences as a business leader will be defined through Goleman’s five categories of Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills. Goleman’s article, “What makes a Leader?”, will also be analyzed to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of my business leadership, which will be used to find solutions and improvements to interpersonal relationships. More so, the EI assessment will define the emotional
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Self-Regulation would also be a higher level of assessment to be my trustworthiness and openness to change, but I am not very tolerant of “ambiguity.” In terms of Motivation, I am highly motivated and optimistic person. Empathy would be average due to not always being able to read the emotional make-up of other people. Finally, I have strong social skills in managing relationships and being persuasive in team building.

B.Assessment Examples of the Five Components

1.Self-Awareness: I am very driven to be a businessman by owning a car detailing business at the age of 19. I am a realistic person, which gives me self-confidence to lead others in this field.
2.Self-Regulation: I am able to control my moods and redirect them into solutions in my friendships and business life. For instance, a new employee had done a poor job vacuuming a car, yet I patiently showed him the proper way to clean under the car seats. However, I do have moments when I get visibly upset when veteran employees do not give a 100% effort to detail when cleaning the cars. I am uncomfortable with ambiguity, or “half-measures.”
3.Motivation: I love cars. Of course, I know I need to make money by auto detailing, but I have a strong drive to find ways in which to improve their look and appearance.
4.Empathy: At times, I can be somewhat insensitive to the personal feelings of family members when I am not at work. I tend to be very
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