An Empirical Study Of Local Maori Residents ' Perceptions Of Film Tourism On New Zealand

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Methodological & Ethical Issues
Sarah-Jane Couche
Student Number 2095550
TOUR2102 Introduction to Tourism Research Assignment 2
Bachelor of International Tourism, Flinders University
WORD COUNT: 1,292 Proposed research title: An empirical study of local Maori residents’ perceptions of film tourism impacts in New Zealand
Main research question: Has ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy positively or negatively impacted the local Mauri residents’ perceptions of tourists?

• Sub research questions o How has ‘Lord of the Rings’ film tourism affected the local Maori residents in terms of economy, culture, and heritage in the area of Matamata? o Do the local Maori residents’ see the ‘Lord of the Rings’ on-site film tourism locations as an important part of their community culture?

Research Design
Paradigm: Positivism
Methodology: Quantitative
Methods: Survey, probability/random sampling, large sample size, descriptive, comparative & relationship analysis

This proposed research will examine a case study that will empirically explore local Maori residents’ perceptions of film tourism impacts in New Zealand and the impacts the films have had on film tourism in Matamata and the surrounding regions. This research will be implementing a positivist paradigm and therefore be following a quantitative methodology.
A paradigm can be defined as ‘a basic set of beliefs that guides action’ (Guba, 1990). The positivist paradigm can be defined as ‘an epistemological position that…
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