An Empirical Study On Privacy Concerns Of Young Adults On Social Media Platforms Essay

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AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON PRIVACY CONCERNS OF YOUNG ADULTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Himani Sevekar, Neha Aranha ABSTRACT The research mainly examines the privacy concerns of the young adolescents with respect to their accounts on Social Media Platforms. The focus of the research intends to understand the privacy protection behaviors on social networks. The targeted population for this research paper was young adolescents. The result revealed that the young adults are concerned about their privacy settings be it Males or Females. In addition, the Females have a more proactive approach towards the Privacy settings on Social Networking Sites especially Facebook. The research used a large- scale survey of young adults through Questionnaire. The research examines the relationship between privacy concern/aspect and Facebook as well as Privacy concerns and Gender. The research was conducted in locality of Mumbai. The Data was analyzed with the aid of Statistical tools in a way to establish a study on the privacy concerns of Today’s young adults. INTRODUCTION- Social Networking is a way of expanding the number of one’s business by making social contacts or connections through individuals. It is an online service, platform, or site which focuses on building the social relations with friends and strangers as well with whom we have similar shared interests, activities, and real life connections. Today’s generation is engaged more for building relations with the people through the
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