An Empirical Study On Role Of ICT In Banking Sector

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An Empirical Study on Role of ICT in Banking Sector


Saranya. J , Anitha. K , Dr. S.Vasantha


Research Scholar, School of Management Studies, Vels University, Pallavaram Chennai, India1 Research Scholar, School of Management Studies, Vels
University, Pallavaram Chennai, India2 Professor, School of Management Studies, Vels University, Pallavaram Chennai, India3
Accepted 04 April 2014, Available online 15 April 2014, Vol.2 (March/April 2014 issue)

Information and communication technology are radically changing the way of business. These changes and development resulted in new delivery of
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ICT is helpful to the banking regulatory authorities, customers and the researchers in the area for the qualitative expansion of Internet banking in India.
Solanki, Virender Singh(2011) Internet banking is one of
336|Int. J. of Multidisciplinary and Current research, March/April 2014

Saranya. J et al

the latest technological wonders in the recent past involving use of ICT for delivery of banking products & services. ICT banking is changing the banking industry and is having the major effects on banking relationships.
Banking is now no longer confined to the branches where one has to approach the branch in person.
Yousafzai, shumaila (2012), suggests that ICT Banking adoption is a complex and multifaceted process and a joint consideration of customers’ personal, social, psychological, utilitarian and behavioural aspects is more important than adoption itself and will ultimately result in the intended behaviour.
Moghadam, Baytollah Akbari; Behboudi, Mehdi; Jafari,
Farzaneh(Dec 2012) in their research say that customers are encouraged to utilize ICT banking as first priority. Increasing the customer 's arousal by
ICT advertisements to use ICT banking creates a positive attitude toward bank 's brand, which in-turn is the key factors in ICT banking effectiveness.
Jahangir, Nadim; Parvez, Noorjahan(Dec 2012) research states that ICT banking needs, compatibility, convenience,
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