An Employee’S Right To Privacy In The Workplace Is An Increasingly

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An employee’s right to privacy in the workplace is an increasingly controversial legal topic, especially in an age of increased technology. These days, employers can virtually monitor all workplace communications made by employees using computers such as the Internet and company email. While the law generally allows this monitoring, some employee’s view it is a violation of their privacy. Other bothersome topics on an employee’s right to privacy in the workplace is employee drug or honesty testing, and whether romance in the workplace should be allowed. Controversial to an employee’s opinion on company policies restricting an employee’s right to privacy, management level executives have a reasonable motive behind such policies. In my…show more content…
Electronic monitoring, romance in the workplace, employee drug testing and employee honesty testing are some other touchy-subject areas of employees’ view of their right to privacy in the workplace. I believe that electronic monitoring should be allowed with the provisions that the company has a policy in place, the employee has read the policy at the beginning of employment with signature, and that the employee signs a statement in agreement that they understand the consequences if the policy is violated. When an employee understands such policy, I think that they should be allowed to use company email with the exception that they do so during their break or meal period. When it comes to camera monitoring, I am definitely a fan. In my opinion, a company camera is not intended to violate the employee’s right to privacy, but installed for employee’s protection, and an advantage for the company’s sake. For example, if you are employed in a convenient store and get mugged, your suspect could be located. From a company’s perspective, if an employee was stealing, causing the company to lose money, then the company would have proof to terminate the employee. When it comes to employee’s right to privacy such as workplace romance, I believe that should be handled carefully. For example, I met my husband in my place of work. We first started off as friends and then gradually became romantically involved. At first, we were private for a while due to

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