An Employers Guide Inclusive Workplace

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An employer’s guide to creating an inclusive workplace

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Section 1: Introduction 1

Section 2: What does an inclusive workplace look like? 2

Section 3: What are the benefits of an inclusive workplace? 3

Section 4: How can I create an inclusive workplace? 4

4.1 Consider what you want to achieve 5

4.2 Undertake an inclusion review 6

4.3 Create an action plan 10

4.4 Communicate and implement the action plan 38

4.5 Review policies, practices and informal working culture on a regular basis 43

Section 5: How will I know if I’m successful? 44

Section 6: Practical ideas for
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More employers are coming up with solutions to create and promote an inclusive workplace in order to maximise productivity, attract new talent and increase employee commitment. Organisations’ action on equality and human rights issues can have a significant impact upon their brand reputation, so inclusion makes good business sense.

Attract new talent
Working teams that are diverse in their make-up are able to come up with a wider range of solutions to business problems. Inclusive workplaces that openly communicate their values and strategies on equality, human rights and inclusion are capitalising on this as they are able to attract a wider pool of applicants and talent. Candidates from minority groups may be put off applying for positions in organisations that do not make their commitment to inclusion known.

Retain productive and committed staff
Inclusive workplaces that understand the needs of their employees and make staff feel valued and respected also have greater success in retaining staff. Having a range of policies and facilities in place to ensure that all employees are able to balance work with other aspects of their lives has a positive impact on job satisfaction, productivity and commitment. In contrast, in organisations where stereotypes persist and some groups of employees face barriers to success, these employees experience negative consequences on performance, health and wellbeing.

Create wider customer appeal and access to untapped
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