An Encounter With Yearning - Original Writing

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“Come back, and scream as you want and break all the vases.
Steal all the flowers.
Come back…
Just come back…”
― Khaled Juma

The pale, flaky walls echoed with dismay, how do we find hope in these walls, thought Amir. His gaze was fixed at the wall in front of him. A map of the state of Kashmir hanging in the center, protected in a glass frame.
“What brings you here?” The bearded man who looked like a muezzin questioned him. He was sitting on the wooden bench next to him. His deep brown eyes and a thick northern accent reminded Amir of his grandfather. But Amir’s grandfather had died even before he was born. Was it a disease? Or just natural death? But if death is natural, why are we afraid of it? He wondered
Amir took out a notebook from the jute bag that he was carrying, and systematically placed inside the notebook was a picture. The last remaining picture of his elder brother.
“Have you seen him?” Amir asked the old man as he presented him the picture. A blue background complimented the red pullover that his brother, who resembled Amir in many ways, was wearing that October evening.
“How many boys have I watched in the past twenty years?” he said, staring at the picture impassively. “For three years I’ve been standing outside official buildings, jails, and morgues, waiting for them to open their doors. And every door I have knocked has presented me with ten thousand photos. Sometimes I feel that every picture I watch is the same,…

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