An Enemy of the People' by Henrik Ibsen: An Analysis

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Dr Thomas Stockmann is the central character of the play, "An Enemy of the People", written by Henrik Ibsen. He is an active medical doctor at the Baths and also has his brother, Peter Stockmann, as the mayor of the town. Stockmann has an optimistic and impulsive nature. In this play, Dr Stockmann finds out a grave health hazard in the Baths of the Norwegian town he is a dweller of. The Baths is being shown to draw in and attract people as a health resort. The officials are being warned by Dr Stockmann regarding the problem. The doctor believes that the officials will consider his observance and close up the Baths in anticipation of its correction. Instead, the doctor meets with severe confrontation. His brother who is the town mayor supports the ideas to keep the Baths remain open and orders for the correction of the problem in a gradual manner. He presses on numerous points of view that call for the town's financial interests. The doctor's wife, Katherine, also wanted him to work together with the town's authorities. Thus, this play by Ibsen consists of modern importance, application, consequence and moral depth. It reveals how the responses of Dr Stockmann can be used as an interpretation of a squabble that acting in accordance with his duties to save the public health from harm do not compel him to break his word on his dedication as a father and as a civilian. Dr Stockmann was sure about his discovery as helpful for the town and its people. Instead of

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