An Engineer Military Occupational Specialty

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The United States Army has been and always will be a forever changing profession, striving to be the best and continuously trying to improve. Although most changes in the military are good, there are also some changes that are lacking in the interest of the Soldiers. This is because for those who have had their military occupational specialty placed on the chopping block, either to be phased out or merged into a different specialty. When asked my opinion on the subject of an engineer military occupational specialty that should be deleted, I would have to say none of them. As an engineer, we play a vital role in the United States Army. There are many reasons I think they shouldn’t be deleting MOS in the engineering field, not because I am part of that field but I believe Engineers do a vital role in the military. Since the beginning of my service in the military, I have been told that my job was going to be eliminated. With that being said, I would have to re-class or exit the military. I have been told time and time again that I had to re-class to a different MOS because Engineers was not needed or because we were over strength. This caused a chain reaction for those soldiers who volunteered to re-class and many exited our field. They left the military scrambling to refit the 12w that made big surges in promotions for Soldiers, those who were not ready for the responsibility that they were chosen to take on. I think the better choice would have been to merge these MOS
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