An Environmental Impact Assessment ( Eia )

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I am a specialist in wildlife kills from solar energy, preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the interdisciplinary team studying the effects on wildlife kills from wind and solar energy.


Toh Xinyi Cindi (260623525)
GEOG302: Environmental Management 1, Assignment 1
October 14, 2014 Introduction
In recent times, due to worries of declining fossil fuel reserves and hence energy production, many, including the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Oceans in the United States of America (USA) , recognize that alternative energy production is an essential way to go. Among the many alternative energy sources, solar energy has been shown to provide significant environmental benefits as compared to its conventional counterparts . Solar energy has been thought to be a clean efficient alternative to the dirtier energy production method from conventional fossil fuel combustion. Solar energy, according to Tsoutsos et al. , enables the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions like Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxides because there is no or minimal air emissions or waste products generated during the power facility operation.

However this paper presents the side where solar energy may have impacts on the environment, or wildlife around the solar panel facility specifically. The benefit that solar energy has brought for us humans has resulted in a rather unexpected consequence, that is, direct wildlife kills due
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